Grafting Project


Stock and scion relationships under a-biotic stress in vegetables

This research will focus on building a system which will test the durability of the root stock and the optimal stock-scion combination, by using morphological - metabolic – molecular – and physiological tests on grafted crops and adapting them to arid regions. This is a long term project, as a part of which continuous as well as non-continuous experiments will be conducted on the root zones of durable stocks, with supplementation of biological and chemical growth enhancers.

Research Group

Shimon Rachmilevitch - Ben-Gurion University
David Weiss - The Hebrew University
Aaron Fait - Ben-Gurion University
Simon Barak - Ben-Gurion University
Naftali Lazarovitch - Ben-Gurion University
Neomi Tel-Zur- Ben-Gurion University
Shmulik Wolf - The Hebrew University
Elazar Fallik - the Volcani Center
Roni Cohen - the Volcani Center

Expected Outcomes

Outcome 1: Root stocks resistant to abiotic stress conditions which will enable the expansion of arable areas, cultivation times and quality range of irrigation water.

Outcome 2: Genetic, physiological and phenological markers for root stock resistance to abiotic stress conditions.

Outcome 3: A technology for predicting the suitability of stocks to scions in accordance with the environmental conditions.


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