Growth enhancers in the root zone project


Growth enhancers in the root zone

This project will integrate biological solutions with new cultivation technologies, aiming to accompany the plant throughout its growth period, in order to improve its development and to protect it from pests.

Research group

Edouard Jurkevitch - The Hebrew University
Saul Burdman - The Hebrew University
Alexander Yakirevich - Ben-Gurion University
Yael Helman - The Hebrew University
Dror Minz - the Volcani Center
Gilboa Arye - Ben-Gurion University
Ze'ev Ronen - Ben-Gurion University

Expected Outcomes

Outcome 1: Soil bacteria and their application for enhancing crop growth and resistance
Outcome 2: An optimal applicative interface for use with grafted crops and in stress conditions which will enable companies to improve growth inputs


Commercial companies

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