Monitoring project


A decision making system for optimizing an input interface, based on monitoring the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (SPAC)

This research is aimed at developing decision making tools based on models and monitoring, for achieving optimal agricultural yield in relation to inputs.

Research group

Naftali Lazarovitch - Ben-Gurion University
Menachem Moshelion - The Hebrew University
Jhonathan Ephrath - Ben-Gurion University
Moshe Shenkr - The Hebrew University
Nurit Agam - Ben-Gurion University
Ofer Dahan - Ben-Gurion University
Golan Bel - Ben-Gurion University
Iddo Kan - The Hebrew University
Eran Tas - The Hebrew University
Arnon Karnieli - Ben-Gurion University
Tamir Kamai - the Volcani Center

Expected Outcomes

Outcome 1: An interactive monitoring system for evaluating physical, chemical and biological measures in the root zone and in the SPAC.
Outcome 2: A water flow, solute, heat and gas transfer model which describes the conditions in the root zone and the SPAC, as well as the interactions between the parameters that will be examined, in various environments and through different interfaces
Outcome 3: Using the model to design input application (irrigation water, fertilizers etc.) for the purpose of optimizing root zone conditions in accordance with plant requirements, nature of the soil, various climate conditions and irrigation water qualities.
Outcome 4: An input application management system based on temporal changes in the SPAC for use in various agricultural systems.


Commercial companies