Shabtai Cohen

Ramat Negev, Arava & Southern R&D Centers
Role: the Professional Advisory Committee
Agricultural extension expert in vegetables, horticulture and greenhouse crops:
  • Conducts experiments in yield and quality improvement of agricultural produce
  • Researchers the effect of brackish and desalinated water irrigation on tomato yield and quality
  • Expert in plant nutrition
  • Conducts adaptation of wild plants for production of natural substances
  • Develops new crops such as halophyte and other plants
  • Develops and improves methods of pepper, strawberry and pineapple growing in greenhouses

Special Projects:

  • Develops the Goji berry crop for producing fresh fruit
  • Researches methods for fruit setting control in heat stress conditions (Capsicum annum)
  • Develops the raspberry crop for winter marketing as an annual plant
  • Improves crop technology of medical cannabis and hemp